Teaching War

A supremely assured attack on the right-wing patriotic militarism that is rearing its head in the Czech Republic, as with many other countries in Central Europe.

The Teacher

Julia Zelman reviews this film about a Communist-era teacher who uses her position to exact favors from her students’ families.


Tereza Nvotová takes on the sensitive issue of rape.

Family Film

In Olmo Omerzu’s second feature-length work it is a dog’s life, for both a bourgeois Prague family and their erstwhile canine companion.

The Way Out

Lilla Puskás lauds the way how Roma protagonists are represented in this movie.

Normal Autistic Film

This documentary by Miroslav Janek tries its best to normalize autism, and succeeds – for the most part.


Is Helena Třeštíková aware of her work’s moral implications?

I, Olga Hepnarova

I, Olga Hepnarova is a masterfully shot slow-burner about an unlikely murderer.

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