For this month’s issue, EEFB looked at the different ways in which Eastern European films deal with history. Moritz Pfeifer saw the animated feature Alois Nebel from the Czech Republic. Though Tomáš Luňák’s drama is set in 1989, the film is also concerned with traumas inherited from the Second World War. Also dealing with the war is Agnieszka Holland’s latest film In Darkness. The film revolves around a sewer worker in Nazi-occupied Poland who is drawn between economic interests and moral concerns when he meets a group of Jews seeking refuge from the Nazis. Finally, our Retrospectives section features Theodoros Angelopoulos’ Travelling Players, which is exceptional in finding meaningful alleys leading from past to present. The film follows a group of travelling players during the Second World War and post-war times in Greece.

In our Perspectives section, you will also find our review of Everybody In Our Family by Radu Jude, whom we interviewed for our current issue.

EEFB is looking forward to report from the goEast Film Festival that will take place in Wiesbaden from 18th-24th of April.

EEFB editors
Moritz Pfeifer & Konstanty Kuzma