Ana, mon amour

Călin Peter Netzer’s latest feature revolves around a couple and their antipodal fates.

On Body and Soul

Ildikó Enyedi’s On Body and Soul, winner of the Golden Bear, suffers from its stylistic eclecticism.

My Happy Family

This Georgian Berlinale entry tells the story of a family woman and her sudden urge to live an independent life.

The Erlprince

Kuba Czekaj’s masterfully stylized feature is an eccentric coming-of-age-story.

Kuba Czekaj on Erlprince

Kuba Czekaj speaks about the themes that drive his work, outside perceptions, and some of his creative decisions.

Requiem for Mrs. J

Bojan Vuletić’s feature offers a bleak vision of post-Yugoslav reality.

Bojan Vuletić on Requiem for Mrs. J

Vuletić reveals what inspired him to make his film, and whether he thinks there really is a place for optimism in his bleak vision of post-Yugoslav reality.


Polish-Swiss filmmaker Greg Zglinski communes with the spirits of the dead in his feature Tiere.

When the Day Had No Name

Teona Strugar Mitevska dramatizes a recent, Macedonian hate-crime.

24 Snow

Mikhail Barynin travels to Russia’s Far East to depict what he perceives as the demise of the pastoral tradition.


Rezo Gigineishvili reconstructs the tragic hijacking of a Soviet plane.

A Prominent Patient

Július Ševčík returns to Czech cinema’s favorite, historical theme: the 1938 Munich agreement.

City of the Sun

Georgian documentarian Rati Oneli takes a spiritual look at the social and urban decay of a mining town.

Rati Oneli on City of the Sun

Oneli speaks about the making of his film, his conceptual approach, and plans for the future.

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